Want to be a guest blogger?

I love working and interacting with other bloggers.
If you're interested in being a guest blogger, send me an email at roseandpine@gmail.com.
Please do not send me a full post in the first email. Just your ideas, then work on the post.
In the email, make sure to include:
  • Your name and blog URL
  • Any and all ideas for your post, no thought is too silly!
  • If it is a part of a segment that I already have, please state so.
  • Keep photos high quality and properly sized (600 pixels in width), no fuzzy iPhone photos please.
  • Citation of any photos or quotes included.
If you want to be a contributor (have regular posts on this blog), please email me with your idea and I will give you the information from there on.

If you would like me to be a guest blogger on your blog or if you would like to do a collaboration with me, please drop me an email at roseandpine@gmail.com.
If you would like to contribute a question or request for a Reader's Request post, please read this page and then email me!

Also please make sure that all content is original and your own, because I do not stand for plagiarizing.
Be creative! Have fun!

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