Any & all posts about fashion & style.

All of my posts about makeup, hair, nails, and beauty in general.

Sometimes I like to blog about my boring life. This is where you'll find those posts.

Money Saving Style
Because who doesn't love saving a little bit of cash?

Tough love is the key to improving one's self.
Haha kidding I love everything.

Trend Reports
Because classic isn't always in.

Runway to Closet
Looking like a model shouldn't cost you an arm and leg. Take looks right off the runway and wear them in your everyday life. I'll show you how.

Style Crush
I just love her style.

A (sometimes) weekly post about anything and everything.

Fashion Week Spotlight
The best weeks of the year.


Pug Posts
Pugs not drugs.

"Do you like music?"
"No, I'm the one person in the world who hates music."

Sitting in front of a glowing box for eight hours is totally healthy, right? Right?

Spinach, tennis, kale, bike riding, kettle bells, healthy desserts, I love it all.

Blog Stuff
Little updates abuot your faaavorite website!
(hint: it's this one. this is your favorite website.)

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