Monday, August 10, 2015

Things I'm Loving Lately: Playing House

Things I'm Loving Lately Playing House USA Network

Sometimes, I like to go to the section on iTunes where they feature free television episodes. More times than not, they're pilots. Last spring, I was hopping around this section when I found the pilot for Playing House, a comedy on USA Network. Now, I can't remember my exact feelings about the show at the time, but they must have been good since I've been continuing to watch the show since.

Things I'm Loving Lately Playing House USA Network

What is it about, then? Well, take two funny ladies as lifelong BFFs, mix in one cheating ex-husband, one baby, one high school sweetheart relationship gone sour, and you have Playing House! Feel free to add 'sensitive doula brother' and 'hoarder with brittle bones' to taste.

Playing House stars real-life best friends Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair as Maggie and Emma. When they catch Maggie's husband cheating on her, she kicks him out and Emma moves in to help Maggie raise her baby! Friendship goals, amiright?

Things I'm Loving Lately Playing House USA Network

There are a few words I would use to describe this show; Hilarious, empowering, charming, lively, adventurous, and magical. It dares to take risks without coming off crude, it features women not only in positions of power, but also as mothers and friends. It takes the classic 'small town sitcom' and turns it on it's head.

Things I'm Loving Lately Playing House USA Network

Cath the first season of Playing House on iTunes, and watch new episodes on USA Network, Tuesdays at 10!
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