Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Last Few Months

No lie, I have written and rewritten this initial post multiple times over the past few months. I've been going through a lot and have just shut off the blogging part of my brain for the time being. I don't know if it's the sun finally coming out with the new seasons, or just that enough time has passed, but I finally feel good enough to sit down and post what I write this time.

I'll try to give you the past few months in a nutshell, hopefully without boring you so much you leave my blog forever; In November, my mom had a stroke that left her in the hospital for weeks. She recovered well but then went on to get an infection due to an antibiotic treatment that left her weak. So now she's been in between the hospital and a rehabilitation center for months now. She isn't anywhere near her initial pre-stroke self physically, but she gets a little better each month. In between this, I had to move out of my house in Rhode Island to be closer to my parents during all of this. It's just been a lot of going back and forth, hurry up and waiting, and just good old fashioned stress.

I have had a couple of really great friends help me through the hell I've been going through, but the person who has been the best through all this has been my dad. He's going through it too, and we've created this great mutual support system for each other and I'm so thankful to have him.

Through all of this, I have really missed this blog. I know I am really out of the swing of things, this post feels very unnaturally written and I know it's going to take a while to get me back into a certain style of writing that I'm happy with.

I'm very happy to be back and I hope you'll all stick around with me to see the fun posts I have planned!

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