Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Inspiration // Wishlist

I can not believe it is finally April. Crazy, right?
With the start of a new season comes changes to your wardrobe. I love Spring because you can very near perfectly mix winter and summer pieces together. Jeans and light tops with wedges? Alrighty. A colorful dress with dark tights and boots? That's cool too. Spring is awesome for that very reason.

Plus all the baby animals are born in spring, and who doesn't love baby animals?
I am so in love with this color. It is such a light spring tan, but can still be worn well into fall with some dark tights, so it's also an investment piece!

The colors of the gems aren't very light and springy, but somehow they work. They're like pretty little bug earrings.

Man I wish I had an excuse to buy this. Oh how I wish. But the high price tag is turning me off, I can't justify buying it. Resistance, man. But now I have an excuse to go on a shopping mission to find a similar bag, and I love a good shopping mission.

Can you tell I'm having a real earring moment? Because I am. Not only do these earrings look like pretty bugs, they look like pretty gilded bugs.
Fun story: A lot of the storefront signs in my town are wooden with gilded accents, and my favorite sign is the local exterminater's. It has a gilded carving of a dead bug with it's legs in the air. It's a fun thing to show out of town visitors. They... kinda gasp.

Since chopping my hair again a year ago, I am now sure that I want my hair long again. Now my hair is at that weird stage where it isn't long but it's not short, and I really need to stop pulling it back in a topknot every day. What better way to do that than with pretty hair accessories?

Chambray. Chambray. Chambraaaaay. Man I love that word. And this top looks pretty much like the perfect chambray top.

The print on this scarf is gorgeous, it reminds me of Alexander McQueen's Plato's Atlantis Collection (which has been copied by too many people in my opinion, but still). It looks perfect for throwing over a tee for running errands or heading to class, and it has a ton of colors so it has so many pairing options.

One spring necessity is a light tee that you can wear anywhere. One that can be dressed up and down, and this top looks just like that kind of shirt.

What is on your April wishlist?

Have a great day!
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  1. I love Stella McCartney shopper!


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