Saturday, January 4, 2014

How To: Beat Dry Winter Skin!

Hey there! I'm so glad to be back after my holiday break. It was nice to not have to worry about writing posts every day while worrying about fifty other holiday things on top of that. My number one blogging rule is to make sure I am always having fun. ;)

For the first thirteen years or so of my life, I would always be tortured with horrible dry skin in the winter. My skin is already naturally dry enough the rest of the year, Lord knows I don't need any extra dryness. Over the years I have become a bit of a dry skin connoisseur, keeping my skin -and hair- nice and soft all winter long.  photo how-to-beat-dry-winter-skin_zpsf5d08996.png

I love each of these products for their own special usage. I keep the Burt's Bees salve in my fridge so it is nice and cool when I put it on. I've been using the Tarte Maracuja oil for a couple years now and my favorite use of it is in my hair. I use other oils in my hair too, but this one makes my hands soft too after I use it.

I'm sure you have all used coconut oil by now, since it is like a miracle product. I practically smother myself in it before bed. And it makes a great hair mask, I massage a clump of it in my hair and let it sit for an hour before jumping in the shower and washing it out.

Just because it's snowing out doesn't mean you don't need an SPF, and this Aveeno moisturizer is perfect for keeping the skin on your whole body soft and safe.

One of my favorite products ever is Pond's Cold Cream. I raved about it in my Skincare Routine post, This product is a huge 'family secret'. I use it as a makeup remover as advertised, then I put on a heavy layer as a moisturizer to soak in all night long.

I love EOS products, just like every other teenage girl in America. I've been using their lip balm spheres for a couple of years now and they have become one of my favorite balm products. They keep my lips smooth and they're so much fun to apply. I started using their hand lotions this summer, and I have become addicted to them. They keep my hands soft and they all smell so good! They're tiny enough to throw in a makeup bag but they hold a lot of product.

Whether you're spending your winter in Florida or the North Pole, hopefully these tips will help you eliminate any dry skin you'll get this winter.

Have a great day!
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  1. I absolutely LOVE Pond's cold cream as well as their dry skin cream. Eos also works wonders on dry lips. Great list!

    - Mode Leben


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