Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gobble Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving my little turkeys!
And Happy Hanukkah to my followers who celebrate!
 photo thanksgiving1_zpsf69060ad.jpg
We're having a small Thanksgiving this year, since everyone we used to have over is now... dead. I guess I could say we are having an 'intimate' dinner, but let's not play around here. It's a small dinner. Just my me, my parents, and the dogs, who will for sure be getting lots of turkey scraps throughout the day.

Fun Thanksgiving story: When I was three, my parents were going to take me down to the city to see them blow up the balloons before the Macy's parade, but whichever aunt or uncle that was supposed to be watching me wasn't and I fell off the couch and broke my collarbone. Long story short I spent the night in the ER and never got to see the balloons. And now my collarbones are uneven.

I decided to continue the surprisingly popular tradition that I started this Halloween of posting some pretty cool vintage Thanksgiving photos.
 photo thanksgiving4_zpsa1b0ee4e.jpg photo thanksgiving8_zps7c2ddf5e.jpg photo thanksgiving3_zps913dfc27.jpg photo thanksgiving6_zps5b8525d6.jpg photo thanksgiving2_zps7f326f17.jpg photo thanksgiving5_zpsfaa89184.jpg photo thanksgiving7_zpsabae411a.jpg photo thanksgiving9_zps77bbc3a0.jpg
What are you Thankful for?
((I'm thankful that that Glee is playing on a holiday. Thanks Ryan Murphy.))

Have a great Thanksgiving! Time to start playing Christmas music!
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  1. ouch..
    we decided to forgo thanksgiving.. it's was just a very pregnant me, my husband and toddler.. we had a nice none turkey dinner.. and now just hanging out in our pj's.. perfect


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