Friday, November 22, 2013

Find Your Perfect Pair of Boots!

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Boots are my addiction. My feet don't even see any other type of shoe until mid-March. Maybe April. My boot collection is so big it's a little embarrassing. I just... Really, really love boots.

Finding a good pair of boots can be like finding the Holy Grail for some. It is nearly impossible for someone like me -short 'n skinny with muscly calfs from years of cheerleading- to find a good pair of riding boots. But with determination and the help of google, I have been able to find at least one new pair of perfect riding boots a season.

I searched through literally hundreds of boots to feature my favorites below! Look through to get some ideas for this season!
I'm trying something new with the slideshows. Just click the image and it will take you to the boots!

Riding Boots

Perfect for preppy looks, the riding boot is probably my favorite. It's so easy to slip a pair on with jeans and a sweater for school or a dress and tights for a dinner out!

I've become addicted to booties this past season. They're just so tiny and cute! I love wearing them with a pair of cropped jeans with just a sliver of ankle showing.

Motorcycle Boots

I could write post after post about motorcycle/combat boots. Ohhhhh so cute. I have a pair that I wore practically every day my senior year.

Whenever I'm wearing rain boots I just feel so... British. Is that weird? Considering the fact that I've never been outside of North America I assume it it.

Over the Knee Boots

Maybe it's because I'm on my third time re-watching Archer in the past week and a half and I'm just channeling Lana's style, but lately I am all about these boots. I feel like anyone could be a badass in these.

What type of boots are your favorite?
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  1. I have a pair of moto boots that look almost exactly like that. Over the knee/knee height boots are my favorite!

  2. Being half British I'm glad you knew your Wellies. Nana lived in them as a young girl.
    Nice post but I'm a Tori girl.

  3. Absolutely love the first 2 pairs! Adding to the wish list!!

    xx Caroline

  4. Gosh! I'm obsessed by motorcycle boots. Gorgeous, comfy and slip-free (the last one is very important, I'm so clumsy).

    ♡ Mel xoxo

  5. I love booties!


  6. I'm addicted to boots also. My feet won't be in anything else until April or the end of March!


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