Monday, November 18, 2013

five things

five posts
1. The lovely Lexi over at Rhinestone Religion wrote the most honest post on the 'blogger burnout' I have ever read. If you've ever experienced that feeling before you totally need to read this.
2. I can't wait until my hair grows some more so I can wear it in a big ol' bun once again. Like this one.
3. The only people I'm having over for Thanksgiving this year are my parents, but I sooo wanna make this cute turkey cheese tray.
4. I'm definitely going to try to read some of these fashion books this season.
5. Some great Instagram tips!

five extras
1. I bought this coat at Forever 21 this weekend and I can not wait to wear it to class today!
2. I've been home sick all last week and I re-watched Archer in it's entirety. Twice. Also I can't wait to see who the father of Lana's 'donor' baby is next season. I hope it's Archer's. Please.
3. It's not even Thanksgiving yet and I'm already in the process of writing Christmas posts. The joys of being a blogger. But I'm not complaining.
4. This dress is perfect and is at the top of my wishlist.
5. My Dad and I saw Thor: The Dark World this weekend. OMG. I think this one may be my new favorite Marvel movie. Plus it was fun seeing my tattoo in the movie.
(My Mom & I have matching Celtic knot tattoos on out wrists in honor of her mother, which also happen to be the symbol on Thor's hammer. Double win.)

One last thing...
It's my Dad's birthday today! Happy Birthday to my favorite guy ever. Thank you for raising me to be such an awesome person. Thanks for being my superhero movie and football buddy. Thanks for always being there for me. Love you. :)


  1. Make sure to take a photo of your turkey cheese plate.

  2. I loved this one but it makes me sad that your family is so small. We have so many I feel like my mom should have your family. Enjoy.


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