Monday, November 4, 2013

five things

five posts
1. These holiday blogging tips are going to be really helpful this season!
2. This is the cutest tumbler ever! I want to get it but I don't want to use it. I want to put it in my mom's china cabinet and stare at it all day.
3. Four simple goals before 2014! This maybe something to try this week while I'm laying on the couch crying from dental surgery.
4. I have to try this DIY under eye de-puffer.
5. These DIY twine rings are so cute!

five extras
1. I am extremely sad about the Jonas Brothers breaking up. I really hope this is just some big ploy to eventually come back together and sell more records. Money hungry douches. I love you.
2. Halloween was fun. I planned on handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, but I got bored fifteen 
 in and ended up renting The Internship on iTunes and laying on the couch in my Ed Sheeran hoodie.
Guess how many trick-or-treaters we got? None.
3. Kerry Washington on SNL this week was hilarious! This opening skit was my favorite.

4. I tried this roasted potato recipe this weekend and it was a hit with my parents -and the dogs too. I found my first Thanksgiving side!
5. Now that baseball season is over I can finally watch my Fox cartoons on Sunday night again! I really hate that baseball interrupts my cartoon-watching. Not a baseball fan.

one last thing
I'm going back to New York this week to finally finally finally get this goshgollydarn wisdom tooth taken care of. I'm telling my mom to let them drug me up so I do not feel a thing and I am giving her full permission to film me if I start talking like David after dentist.
I'm not expecting it, but I am hoping it.

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  1. Hey, you contacted me on IFB and I love your blog! :)
    Loved reading this, let me know if you wanna follow eachother.

    Keep in touch,


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