Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween Witches!

 photo 100212_ib_061_zps2115b4ba.jpg
Happy Halloween!

First off, I completely forgot that my one year Blogaversery was yesterday! Come on Paige, get your shit together.

I have this fascination with old Halloween costumes, there's just something so cool about them. Maybe it's because the only costumes you see people wearing today are 'sexy random-object-or-profession'.

Here are some of my favorite vintage costumes that I found online. Some creepy, some playful, and some downright weird.
 photo 820351813905ea85ae8c5d7df1737a34_zpsf0ec08bd.jpg photo Vintage-Halloween-costumes-19_zps478d2930.jpg
 photo Vintage-Halloween-costumes-27_zps5ffbf6a7.jpg
 photo Vintage-Halloween-eyes_zpsa1601d52.png
really freaking creepy
 photo 100212_ib_05_zps66d6a5df.jpg
 photo Vintage-Halloween-phones_zpsc97c849a.jpeg
 photo 100212_ib_09_zps2782e479.jpg
 photo Vintage-Halloween-square-heads_zps602124a9.jpeg
Until next Halloween...
Have a spooky day!

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