Tuesday, October 22, 2013


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(from left to right)

1. Angel getting prepped for the new tv season. This dog is so visual, she'll sit up all night and watch television.
2. Buttercup prefers to binge on Netflix.
3. The pups in their Halloween costumes last year. Angel was a bride and Buttercup was a peacock. They have such cool costumes for this year, Buttercup and Sophie are going to match!
4. Trying on my new Katy Perry lashes. They make it feel like a have super fuzzy eyebrows that go all the way down to my eyes.
5 & 6. So apparently it's legal to drive these little motorbikes on the road here in Rhode Island and I have become obsessed with finding them and taking creepy stalker photos from my car. I am so obsessed with these cute little things.
7. The Little Mermaid!!! Ahhhh! My childhood. I've been watching this way too much.
8. Getting my hair done. It's about time I get it done again, next time I'm back home in New York.

Have a spooky day!

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