Sunday, September 8, 2013

Spring Fashion Week 2014: Spotlight on Christian Siriano

I have a theory that is is just impossible not to love Christian Siriano. He is without a doubt the most successful Project Runway winner, with a bigger collection each season. His Spring line was inspired by a trip to Mexico he went on. This collection was a breath of fresh air and color compared to muted palettes of the rest of the Spring collections.
 photo LUX_9131450x675_zps2e11d258.jpg photo LUX_9147450x675_zps9825a5d7.jpg photo LUX_9159450x675_zps9b7d8aa1.jpg photo LUX_9168450x675_zps6297e442.jpg photo LUX_9179450x675_zps6628e23d.jpg photo LUX_9203450x675_zps16a04040.jpg photo LUX_9223450x675_zps0f16f13d.jpg photo LUX_9237450x675_zps0011b97a.jpg photo LUX_9296450x675_zps08656c10.jpg photo LUX_9313450x675_zpsffa75496.jpg photo LUX_9375450x675_zps309b9e62.jpg photo LUX_9388450x675_zps3748e518.jpg photo LUX_9395450x675_zps5de48280.jpg photo LUX_9473450x675_zpsc3f2ceec.jpg photo LUX_9516450x675_zpse81220c1.jpg


  1. You can almost smell the flowers in the prints in the photos. Such a lovely collection. 10/10 would wear next season!!


  2. Very wearable ! No wonder this collection turned out like this ! Living in Mexico must be very inspirational !


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