Sunday, September 8, 2013

Spring Fashion Week 2014: Spotlight on Alexander Wang

The young Alexander Wang, who is also the new designer for Balenciaga, created such an effortlessly perfect collection this season. It really does remind me of a Balenciaga collection, which is nice. The cuts have been more structured than most Spring collections so far, but the color palette remains the same.
 photo WAN_1510450x675_zps67c66739.jpg photo WAN_1536450x675_zps26da4fe0.jpg photo WAN_1551450x675_zpsc2b58dc6.jpg photo WAN_1573450x675_zps1f634db6.jpg photo WAN_1617450x675_zps5541f0d0.jpg photo WAN_1663450x675_zps5b249339.jpg photo WAN_1737450x675_zps3ae10ca0.jpg photo WAN_1754450x675_zps17a1a209.jpg photo WAN_1819450x675_zpsb87cb32c.jpg photo WAN_1843450x675_zpsbbe5b511.jpg photo WAN_1926450x675_zps35f64e81.jpg photo WAN_2001450x675_zps0ba05990.jpg photo WAN_2020450x675_zps5d336ce3.jpg photo WAN_2038450x675_zps46e0fd0e.jpg photo WAN_2063450x675_zps665a81f0.jpg photo WAN_2082450x675_zps1036ab1c.jpg


  1. love this collection!
    following you now

  2. OMG! I love him!! He's amazing!
    check out my latest look:

  3. The little white tent dress reminded me of something I had when I was young. Love the doctor bad. The gloves ... still thinking about them. Overall I really liked it. Good job.

  4. Hmm...interesting! I do like the little white turtleneck dress.

  5. I loved his collection - my favorites are the slouchy trousers and the stark contrast of black and white.



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