Friday, September 13, 2013

Spring Fashion Week 2014: Spotlight on Betsey Johnson

A Betsey girl is always the most colorful in the room. I should know, I wore one of her bright pink maxi dresses for my graduation party last year. I felt like the pretties girl in the room, even though in reality I was a little bloated due to all the stress of graduating... I still knew I was the prettiest one there. (Yeah, I know. Ego check Paige, ego check.)
I like to think of our dear Betsey Johnson as the crazy mama of the fashion world. Her show always look like one giant party and come on, the lady cartwheels down the runway and may even do something outrageous like wear her tighty whities on the outside of her pants, like she did this year. How awesome is that? I feel as if this collection was almost tame for a Betsey Johnson line, the more muted colors and small prints made focusing on the clothes easier, but each piece is still just as fantastic as a piece from any past season. I am absolutely loving the cotton candy hair + silver lip combo.  photo 008__UMB94201366x2048_zpsa8cc7620.jpg photo 081__UMB94931366x2048_zpsc018a10b.jpg photo 100__UMB95121366x2048_zpsf1b23881.jpg photo 145__UMB95571366x2048_zpsfa50276b.jpg photo 215__UMB96271366x2048_zpsd40e9142.jpg photo 269__UMB96811366x2048_zpsd7b6a2ba.jpg photo 318__UMB97301366x2048_zpsd5297fcd.jpg photo 415__UMB98271366x2048_zps606b3d47.jpg photo 487__UMB98991366x2048_zps753c286a.jpg photo 512__UMB99241366x2048_zps04fa1fac.jpg photo 567__UMB99791366x2048_zps0e9798b9.jpg photo 589__UMB00031366x2048_zps9e8d97a9.jpg photo 610__UMB00231366x2048_zps20d575b3.jpg photo 636__UMB00491366x2048_zps3059c1a6.jpg photo 669__UMB00821366x2048_zpsbbde554f.jpg photo 733__UMB01461366x2048_zps26fab61e.jpg
None other than Ms. Johnson in her undies. On the runway. This woman is fearless.


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  1. I totally loved working at a Betsey Johnson outlet. It was so much fun and she's one of my favorite designers. So bold!


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