Friday, September 13, 2013

Spring Fashion Week 2014: Spotlight on Kate Spade New York

Oh the color, oh the fun! Kate Spade's show this week was like a trip through Candyland. Not Katy Perry's crack version of Candyland, but a more subtle version, one that a New York girl would be crazy not to want to wear. There were bright colors and flattering cuts, watercolor florals and even lemons! Also, make sure to check out the fabulous makeup on the models, I smell a new spring beauty trend...
 photo Kate_001_13661366x2048_zps19f1e0e0.jpg photo Kate_022_13661366x2048_zps810995e0.jpg photo Kate_024_13661366x2048_zps2244fb5f.jpg photo Kate_026_13661366x2048_zpsd556eab3.jpg photo Kate_027_13661366x2048_zps87eb4584.jpg photo Kate_028_13661366x2048_zps7f89468a.jpg photo Kate_003_13661366x2048_zpsb90faf87.jpg photo Kate_005_13661366x2048_zps3ca59a5e.jpg photo Kate_006_13661366x2048_zps922f6624.jpg photo Kate_007_13661366x2048_zpsdf2f1f1f.jpg photo Kate_008_13661366x2048_zps840d92d4.jpg photo Kate_014_13661366x2048_zpsda8c20bc.jpg photo Kate_018_13661366x2048_zpsc8121986.jpg


  1. OMG the coats ! wanna have the grey one.

  2. Love these looks from Kate Spade! The designs are so modern and feminine. And I'm still wishing I had one of those clutches.

    Arielle - Tangled Musings


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