Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fashion & Beauty Blunders

 photo fashion-and-beauty-blunders-emma-watson-lipstick-on-teeth_zps9f471179.jpg
yes, that picture is 100% real. emma watson. lipstick on her teeth. and she's still pretty.

Hey there little rosebuds! My apologies for having such a slow week here on the blog. Between transferring colleges this semester and planning the super fun things I have coming up on the blog next month, I've been a mad woman.
Oh yeah, and the morning I spent in the emergency room due to a wisdom tooth deciding to rear it's ugly head and show up uninvited. That was fun.

But no more worries! I am here today with a new series, Fashion and Beauty Blunders. We all have them. Those silly little mistakes that make us cringe when we realize our errors.

One of the biggest 'no-nos' that I do is putting nail polish remover in bottles of nail polish that are nasty and stick and gross. You know what I mean. I've read so many times that this is the absolute worst thing to do to your nail polish, but I keep doing it. Ugh. Will I ever learn?

One way I can stop doing this is if I get off my lazy little bum and go out and get a bottle of nail polish thinner. Nearly every nail brand has one, but I've yet to see one in a store. Maybe that's why lots of other women are having the same problem as me, store just don't keep nail polish thinner in stock.

What are some of your biggest fashion or beauty blunders? Tell me in the comments!
Have a fantastic day my loves!


  1. Hope u feel better.

  2. Hope the tooth gets better soon. Emma Watson is a doll here, but...bless her heart. My biggest beauty blunder that I continue doing, out of sheer laziness, is wearing last night's makeup to morning gym classes.

    1. Thank you! And I love Emma Watson, but that picture just makes me giggle. I do that makeup thing too, I like to think I've gotten better with it, though. :)

  3. hope you feel better!
    just posted a new outfit, love if you could check it out:


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