Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Perfect Pony

September is the start of school for most, which means long hours in hot buildings with no AC and sweaty necks. My favorite way keep cool is to pull my hair off my face, but never in just a plane old ponytail. You need a pony that will make you stand out. Here are seven great examples from all around the web of back to school ponytails that you can recreate at home!
 photo ponytail1_zps88b5443f.jpg photo ponytail4_zps0742ff68.jpg photo ponytail2_zpse317c92a.jpg photo ponytail5_zpsad7e2e26.jpg photo ponytail3_zpsb0c3b4aa.jpg photo ponytail6_zpscd89fdf1.jpg photo ponytail7_zpsdb9e9319.jpg

Have a great Tuesday!

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