Wednesday, July 10, 2013


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First of all, thank you for the fabulous birthday wishes!
For those unaware, I turned nineteen on Monday!
Eighteen was such a fantastic year for me, I was a little afraid as to what would happen when that changed. But so far so good, no pies have been thrown in my face, no pianos have mysteriously fallen on me while I walk down the street.

The day itself was great, even though I was woken early due to Buttercup barking at a fan. Why doggie, why?
The one thing I really wanted this year was a new bike. I got my old one the day I graduated elementary school in 2004, so it was long overdue.
I've been searching for about two weeks now for something fantastic and retro-looking, without having to spend a fortuine. Even though it's a birthday present, I like to be realistic. I'm not going to be riding it every day, and it's going to spend the winter in the garage. Plus, it's not my only present.
My Dad and I spent the morning going to bike shops all around the island looking for Paige's perfect bike. I finally struck gold at Hooley's on America's Cup Avenue.
 photo birthda-bike_zpscee672b8.jpg
^ Please ignore how utterly gross I look here, my Mom made me pose for 'birthday bike photos' after I had already been riding around for a good half hour, all sweaty and nasty. Also we haven't taken down our Fourth decorations yet. Whatevs. ^
I found the perfect little lilac bicycle. It's beautiful and retro inspired and oh so cuuute! And it is now mine!
(There was a $600 aqua one that I would have loved to take home with me, but come on, $600 for something I'll use maybe five months of the year? No way man. I'd rather put it towards another Vuitton.)
I spent the rest of the afternoon riding up and down the street, I spent a good amount of that time circling the cul de sac over and over again.
 photo cc6047bae81d11e2a63622000a9e28ec_7_zps1c0b6196.jpg
Later on my parents and I had our traditional 'Paige's Birthday Dinner' over at Castle Hill. The food is always so amazing and the view is unbeatably spectacular. It is an absolute MUST if you're ever in Newport and prepared to drop a dime.
^ It was too hot to wear my hair in anything but a top knot. It looked much better in person, trust. ^
 photo c884addce83311e28d1922000aa8037d_7_zpsfeb29bd2.jpg
^ This is 'Blue Cheesecake. Guess where the cake is? It's that little ice cream ball thingy on the top left. They give you a scoop of cheesecake, cover it in hard chocolate, and pair it with blueberry sauce, chocolate ice cream, and smoked apples. Um, yum. ^
Another 'present' is that my Mom and I are getting to see Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran once again, this time at Giants Stadium*, but she loves Swifty just as much as I do, probably more, so it's more of a present for the both of us. I'd grab at any opportunity I get to see Ed. I also got to go on a crazy awesome spree at Ulta, hopefully a haul post to come later this week!
*(I know we're supposed to call it Met Life Stadium now, but I've called it Giant's Stadium my whole life and gosh darn it it's gonna stay that way.)

All in all, it was a superb birthday. I try to make each year I've been living on this beautiful planet better than the last and I hope this year is no exception.
I can't wait to see what sorts of adventures you're holding for me, nineteen.
btw... how awesome is my new signature? I looooove it! :)


  1. happy bday!!
    check out my latest look:

  2. Happy birthday Paige!

  3. Happy birthday girl! Love your writing, it's super cute and funny. I just went to the Taylor Swift concert in Toronto a few weeks ago. It was amazing! Have fun guys!



  4. Happy Belated Birthday and I love that bike!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. Happy belated birthday! I just told people I was 20 most of the year I was 19 because I was so over any number with a -teen attached to it, haha.


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