Monday, July 29, 2013

five things

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five posts
1. The Royal Baby on A Cup of Joe
2. DIY Ombre Watercolor Shoes on Lovely Indeed
4. Mani Monday on The Beauty Department
5. How to Make Your Own Cutoffs on Who What Wear

five extras
1. My neighbor's called the cops on us Friday night for no reason... The very nice police officer said they complained we were making too much noise, but everyone in the house was asleep. So... No idea what happened there.
2. I tired a DIY hair mask earlier this week and my hair smelled like sandwiches before I rinsed it off.
3. Hello, royal baby! :)
4. Some poor little wild brown bunny died on our walkway this week. It made me oh so sad.
5. I started watching Teen Wolf (the television show, not the 80's movie) Saturday night, and I'm already on season two. Oops?
(Also the season two intro is the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life.)

Also, I recently downloaded Finds, an app where you can post your shopping 'finds'. I have become so addicted to it, it's so much fun! Download the Finds App and follow me by searching 'Paige Whitney' and looking for my pretty face. (It should be the first one there.)


  1. Paige, my name is Francesca,
    we're friends on IFB, Congratulations for a wonderful blog!
    I love it and i'm following you on Bloglovin,
    If you like you can follow back :)
    La Dolce Moda



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