Monday, July 22, 2013

five things

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five posts
1. DIY Confetti Manicure on Studio DIY
3. Mirrored Desk Set on P.S. I Made This...
4. Your Lips Are Red on Laura Neuzeth
5. Travel-Size Must Haves on Beauty Broadcast

five songs
1. Best Song Ever by One Direction (I know, I know, I'm not twelve. But whatever.)
2. Lonely Boy by The Black Keys
3. Lonely Boy (Cover) by BOY
4. Sex by The 1975
5. Valentino by Diane Birch

five extras
1. Comic Con was this weekend! I really wish I could've gone, but like the many years before I ended up not going. Oh well.
2. At the Family Guy panel on Saturday, it was said that one of the Griffin's will be killed and replaced by a new character... I remember a while ago when there were rumors that Brian would be replaced by another dog. I'm praying that these rumors aren't true, because he's one of my favorite characters.
3. Karen Gillan shaved her head for Guardians of the Galaxy! Whaaaaaaat? Her hair had magical powers. And now it's gone.
Until it grows back.
4. I've been all about cute shoes this week. I feel like I've been picking my outfits around my shoes.
5. I passed Taylor Swift's house once again yesterday. I took a look at her signs as I was driving by and one of them says "I knew you were trouble when you walked in. No trespassing."

Have a fantastic day! :)


  1. Thanks for including red lipstick! I sadly still have not found mine. I think I need something similar to the Korres Mango Butter...
    P.S. I also ope it's not Brian that gets offed - he's the reason I still watch!

    1. I hope it's not Brian either! I'm hoping it's like Peter's mom or someone we don't pay attention too. Or a dream sequence type of episode.

  2. This is a cute post idea! And 'Best Song Ever' is my guilty pleasure currently!



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