Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Inspiration // Wishlist

Summer is my favorite season, partially because my Birthday's in the Summer, partially because I love being off from school, partially because I can spend the day at the beach smothered in sunscreen, and partially because I can wear beautiful, colorful dresses and accessories for the next three to four months, depending on if September wants to be my friend or not.

 photo June-Wishlist_zpsd23d4e76.jpg

1. Zara Long Fishbone Earrings - I love stylish earrings in the Summer. When it gets hot out and I pull my hair up, delicate earrings are the perfect accessory.
2. Marc Jacobs Foiled Covered iPhone 5 Case - I only have an iPhone 4, but this case is so great for Summer. The texture is gorgeous and I love this color so much I wanna paint my room this color. Just kidding. Maybe.
3. Joie A La Plage Sable Two Band Sandals - I've been living in super-flat sandals this season, and this pair would fit into my wardrobe beautifully.
4. Zara Chain, Cord and Stone Necklace - One thing I adore is a super colorful statement necklace. It'll go great with a white tee and short shorts for running around town or at a backyard barbecue.
5. ONA 'The Brooklyn' Leather Camera Bag - I've been shopping around for a good camera bag, maybe as a Birthday present for next month, and I think I may have found the one! It's so cute and looks like it holds a ton!
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier Hobo Bag - I have a pretty good feeling that this is the perfect Summer bag. The color is bright and super cheery (plus they match the Joie sandals!). It's good for a day of shopping or a night out, if you're like me and bring a big bag everywhere because you need to have all of your stuff with you at all times.
7. ShoeMint Wedges - Wedges are my favorite type of heel (If it's a wedge does it still count as a heel? It's almost 3 AM and I'm tired.) for the Summer. I get sad in the Winter because I there many options in the wedge department unfortunately. I'm a clumsy little gazelle, so when I walk in normal heels I get so paranoid that I'm going to fall flat on my face in front of a restaurant full of people. It may have been acceptable when I was thirteen, but at almost nineteen falling in heels is a little embarrassing.
8. ModCloth Garden Home Tour Dress - This dress, oh this dress! I want to get this and wear it around the house and pretend I'm a little housewife. That's not odd, right? The cut is gorgeous and would totally show off my waist.

Have a fantastic Sunday my little rosebuds!
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  1. Love your inspiration/Wishlist. Pretty colors and designs.


  2. I LOVE the earrings & necklace. The blue tones are just gorgeous for Summer!


  3. That bag is gorgeous! ah, i need it!
    xo jess

  4. Great inspiration.

  5. #5 is an amazing bag! something you could use all year, too. xo


  6. I love this dress, so perfect for summer!

    Sparkles and Shoes

    1. Oh isn't it? It's like the perfect 50's inspired dress!


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