Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Lovely Morning

Yesterday sure was an interesting one...
I got to spend a lovely morning in the Emergency Room here in Newport.
Friday afternoon I got an awful headache that would just not go away no matter how much Tylenol I took. By Saturday morning, around 7:30, I was very, very sick and I couldn't take it anymore, so my Dad took me to the ER as suggested by our New York doctor.
At the hospital, I was treated like a princess (literally, all the nurses there kept calling me 'princess' or 'honey' or 'baby doll'. It was super sweet.). While I was there, they pumped me with some drugs (just a liquid version of ibuprofen and some nausea medicine) and I was feeling amazing. I know I only got the light stuff, but ten minutes later I was sitting up in the bed giggling my hospital gown covered butt off. I was supposed to be back in New York by Saturday afternoon to go see Man of Steel with my friend Jessie and attend a cousin's graduation party today. I was texting Jessie that I had to cancel our plans. She was asking me how I was like the amazing best friend she is, and all I did was giggle back answers, because I was feeling so good... Light & giggly. 
After all of the blood work and tests, the doctor told me that I had both shingles and the flu at the same time, causing my horrible pains. Turns out I have too much damn stress in my life. I could've told him that about myself without even visiting the hospital. Go figure.
By the time I was released, I was feeling so close to my normal self that my dad even drove home with his car roof down. I felt bad because it was such a perfect beach day and he spent it in the hospital with me. I know he didn't care, because I'm his child and all, but I still felt bad. Irish Catholic guilt.
I felt fantastic the rest of the afternoon. I took a five hour nap and woke up around seven and I unfortunately did't feel as great as I did earlier. The medicine from the hospital must have worn off, because I was feeling pretty crappy again.
Now I'm laying in bed, forcing my way through this post while my head pounds like they're remodeling a kitchen in there. I just hope by this time tomorrow I can feel somewhat close to the bubbly girl I always am.
Posts are probably going to be running a bit slow this week, I'm sure you all understand.
Happy Father's Day to my amazing Daddy and all of the other great fathers in the world!


  1. Quick recovery doll.

    1. Thanks dear for the well wishes, I appreciate it so much! :)

  2. hey hun!
    Thank you so much for your comment on ifb !!
    love your blog!you have amazing content!
    I am your new follower, would love to keep in touch!!



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