Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Great Gatsby: ’20s Inspiration

Hello everyone! I have another guest post from Angelica, I hope you all enjoy!

The Great Gatsby finally opened in theaters on May 10. For the past few months, the film has undoubtedly been the most highly anticipated movie among the fashion crowd.  Not only has it influenced the runways from Gucci to Ralph Lauren, but it even has Miuccia Prada to credit for its stunning 1920s costumes. The Roaring ’20s saw the rise of a more masculine figure, but the liberal attitude of the Flapper, with her piles of jewelry and independent personality, made the woman of the era decidedly feminine. Yet as gorgeous Carey Mulligan looks in her richly embellished dresses, translating her style without looking as if you yourself stepped off the movie set can be difficult. To create a thoroughly modern look, learn to extract and apply—not copy—the trends.

Dress: Derhy, Shoes: TopShop, Bag: Valentino, Scarf: Michael Kors, Bracelet: Buccellati, Earrings: Gorjana
If you take one thing away from this outfit, it’s comfort. The era marks a break away from constricting corsets in favor of more practical fashion. To achieve a look you can lounge in, choose an airy dress and pair it with the era’s popular T-strap. Integrate some geometric, art deco extras, and if tying a scarf around your head is too much, a simple knot at the neck will do just fine. All in all, a look that will give you both style and comfort. The only thing it might not give you is Leonardo diCaprio.

Dress: Gucci, Coat: Rebecca Stella for Nelly, Shoes: Alejandro Ingelmo, Clutch: Diane von Furstenberg, Bracelet: Tejani, Earrings: Joanne & Jesula by Lorraine Tyne
For evening, Mulligan is utter decadence, and her crystal confection is made the sweeter with a pastel palette. To emulate the ’20s for an evening gala, stick to neutrals or pastels, and let the intricacies of your accessories do the talking. Diamonds and embellished necklines will capture the frivolity of the era, while a modern pump and metallic clutch will bring it all back down to earth. Drape a fur coat over your shoulders to go the extra mile, or just to keep the chill at bay.
Image Sources: Day, Night

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