Thursday, May 23, 2013

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We need to talk.
Or rather I talk and you all listen.

So there have been some rather eventful events (?) in my life lately that I've just been too nervous or reserved to talk about, but I feel I not only owe you an explanation for my sparse posting this past week but some sparse posting that may be occurring in the future. (Maybe being the key word.)
Buckel up guys, this is a long story.

You may have saw on twitter last week that I was attacked by two Pit Bulls in my backyard while playing with my dogs last Thursday afternoon.

I just want to state right here and now that I am not blaming the fact that the dogs were Pit Bulls on my attack, but the neglectful owners. I always loved Pit Bulls and defended them in the past. I will still defend them now to a point, but naturally I probailly be more cautious around Pit Bulls in the future. I also wanted to point out that all three of our dogs are rescue's from Mid Atlantic Put Rescue. I've had their link in my sidebar since I started this blog. 

For those who don't know, I was in my backyard with my Puggle Buttercup, and my Mom's Pug Angel on Thursday afternoon. I had just brought my Dad's dog Sophie into the house. When our dogs are in our backyard, we keep them on a run like the this one and this one. We have three cable tie ups and each dog has their own that we hook them up to when they're outside.

I was getting Buttercup on a leash to bring her inside (One second off a leash or tie up and she bolts for the street.) when I see these two huge white dogs running at me, growling and barking. I saw that they broke through our fence through our neighbor's side. My first instinct was to grab Buttercup and hold her above my head, but since Buttercup weighs about 25 pounds, this was difficult for me to do. So instead I put her on the ground and I curled myself around her. At this point I was screaming for help but no body came. I live in such a nice and safe neighborhood I was shocked that no one heard my screams. Plus it was around the time that school let out and there were kids and parents passing our house every minute.

When I crouched, the dogs started clawing and biting at my head. I felt my scalp getting scratched. One of the dogs jumped up and landed with his paws on my head, leaving a bump and giving me a headache for a day. Then I remembered Angel, who was minding her own business while doing her business about ten feel away. (Angel is so tiny, she's only ten pounds and has one eye. She was a broodmare at a puppy mill for the first six years of her life until she was rescued and we adopted her.) I was so worried that one of the big dogs might attack Angel. So with Buttercup crying underneath me I crawled over to Angel and leaned over her as well.

At this point all I was doing was screaming "Help! Help! These dogs are attacking me! Help!", but no one came. Thankfully my Dad came home at that very second. He pulled up the front of the driveway and saw the dogs leaning over me about fifty feet away. He ran to me and pushed the two dogs off. Buttercup then shimmied her way out of her harness and I panicked even more. I put her in my Dad's arms and told him to bring her inside. With just Angel, I was able to push the dogs off easier, unhooked her from the tie up and ran to the deck to get inside. There my dad was putting Buttercup inside. I then see the two dogs following me and trying to push their way through the sliding glass door on our deck to get into our house.

Then a foreign man came running up our driveway, saying in broken english that they were his dogs. He then ran back to our neighbor's house for about five minuites. When he came back, I was inside crying my eyes out, watching my Dad yell at the man for his dogs attacking me. The man had rope, yes... rope, and he tied it around the two dog's necks and brought them next door.

I ran upstairs to see my Mom, who had just gotten her MS shot for the week and was resting. She had called the cops and was getting dressed to go downstairs. She had seen the whole thing from the third story windows of our house, where the master bedroom takes up the entire floor. When the cops came, one female Officer was very rude, telling me that the dogs weren't growling and that they just wanted to play. Then whenever my Mom tried to tell what she saw from the window, the Officer kept saying "Ma'am, be quiet. I don't want to hear what you think you saw." The other office was extremely nice and said that the new officer transferred here a year ago and she think's she's a big shot.

It turns out that our neighbor's are renting out their guest house and the Pit Bulls belong to the renters, and that the foreign man and his wife we're cleaning the guest house and had left a door open, thus letting the dogs out. The Pit Bulls had no collar with dog tags on, which is illegal in this state, and whenever I asked the rude female cop about it all she would say is "You don't leash your dogs in your house." What are you saying, lady?

Once the cops left, my Dad and I still went to see the new Star Trek movie like we had planned. I had an awful headache but the movie was so awesome. Totally worth the headache.

I am so grateful that Sophie was inside while this whole ordeal took place. We've only had her since February and she is such a nervous little thing. Plus I know that there was no way I could have handled trying to protect three dogs. I also wanted to say that I was not seriously injured, thankfully. I just had some scratches on my arm, a bump on my head, and my hair in knots.

This post is turning out to be much longer than I thought it would be, so I'm going to wrap it up here.
The other thing I wanted to tell you all about may or may not happen, so I guess I'll only post about it if it ends up occurring, since it may significantly affect the blog for a couple of weeks at the least.

Have an awesome day everyone, I love and appreciate you all so much!


  1. What an ordeal. I'm so glad you are not more hurt! I cannot believe what a witch the officer was, that's really, really terrible. I think you should take it easy over the next few weeks...

    1. Thank you so much for your concern, it's so heartwarming to know there are kind people out there. :)


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