Friday, May 24, 2013


 photo favoritegrams-1_zps04f71e2a.jpg photo favoritegrams-2_zps523e4fca.jpg photo favoritegrams-3_zpsc5594d90.jpg photo favoritegrams-4_zps3e647d65.jpg
(from left to right)

1. New haircut! I got more highlights and a slight trim.
2. Swifty concert last week!
3. I put my glasses on Buttercup and she just laid there... I can't tell if she hated it or she could finally see.
4. Dinner a few weekends ago.
5. A drive through liquor store. Only in Rhode Island.
6. Sophie laying in our backyard, enjoying the sun.
7. Some BluRay goodies. (My Iron Man 1 & 2 disks got so worn out I re-bought them.)
8. Angel and Buttercup sharing one of the puppy beds.

Have an awesome Friday everyone!

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