Friday, April 19, 2013

Ghost on Ghost

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One of my favorite artists of all time is Iron & Wine... And his new album, Ghost on Ghost, came out on Tuesday. I've been a huge fan for years now and I was so excited for this album that I stayed up until midnight to buy it on iTunes!
Many of you may know Iron & Wine, also known as Sam Beam, from Twilight. His song "Flightless Bird, American Mouth", was played during the prom scene at the end of the first movie.
*Fun Fact: That song wasn't originally supposed to be in the movie, but Kristen Stewart showed it to director Catherine Hardwicke and she decided it was perfect for the scene.*
I have just been over the moon since this album came out and I wanted to share the excitement with all of you!
My personal favorites from this album are "Caught in the Briars", "Grace for Saints and Ramblers", and "New Mexico's No Breeze".
Check out his (super trippy) new music video for the song "Joy".
You can buy Iron & Wine's new album on iTunes here!

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Happy Friday!
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I am in no way being compensated to promote this album or artist.

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