Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Galliano on the Mend?

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Once again, infamous designer John Galliano is in the news, this time for a more educational reason.
Galliano is slated to teach a three day master course at Parsons called "Show Me Emotion" for senior BFA candidates. The New School published the following statement on his hire:

"An invaluable part of a Parsons education is the opportunity to learn from the world's leading designers, from Donna Karan and Diane Von Furstenberg to Olivier Theyskens. The planned master class with John Galliano will be a dynamic and intimate opportunity for our students to learn from an immensely talented designer. We believe that over the past two years Galliano has demonstrated a serious intent to make amends for his past actions, and as part of this workshop, Parsons students will have the opportunity to engage in a frank conversation with Mr. Galliano about the challenges and complications of leading a design house in the 21st century."

Though it has been two years since his less than professional drunken Anti-Semetic breakdown, is it still too soon to let Galliano back into the world of fashion? Oscar de la Renta certainly thinks not. The iconic designer invited Galliano for a temporary residency at his studio earlier in the year.
What is your opinion on the matter? Was losing his Dior contract and his own line enough of a punishment? Are we letting John Galliano back into fashion's good graces too soon, or has it been enough time for the dust to settle? 


  1. My opinion is that in some matter we should separate the person from the fashion designer. It is acknowledged that Galliano has contributed a lot to the fashion world so I don't see why he shouldn't return to a world for which he did so much. It is like dead people are forgiven for their past errors or their political ideas more easily than the alive ones when it comes to art which I personally consider unfair. I am particularly thinking of Louis-Ferdinand CĂ©line, one of the most famous XXth century French writer whom we study in France in literature perfectly knowing that he was a controversial character because of his antisemitism. But yet he is definitely part of our History because it is undeniable that he contributed A LOT to French literature.
    If Galliano were dead a few months after this issue, I am pretty sure that his genius would be recognized because we wouldn't see the man, his self but what he has accomplished as a designer.
    Hope my point of view was not too confused!

    Shug Avery of Incognito


  2. If fashion could forgive Chanel for her anti-semetic actions and standing on the wrong side of WWII, it seems that Galliano should also be forgiven. Though I find their politics unconscionable, one can not deny their genius. It's hard to wrap your mind around the rants, an openly gay man who lives with his partner has probably experience his share of prejudice. Still, I don't have to like someone or agree with their point of view to appreciate their talents. The runways miss his mad designs.



  3. I definitely believe that he should be forgiven and given another chance. He seems like a man who most likely has a lot to talk about and what he talks about will certainly be interesting. It will be a very grand class, I think, and I'm a bit sad that I can't be there to be a part of it because I'm really curious on what he's going to say. x


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