Monday, April 8, 2013

five things

My five favorite things of the week, in lists.

five posts
I. How I Feel About Fashion Posts on Rylee Blake
II. Our 500 Square Foot Apartment on Oh Happy Day
III. Nightstand Shopping and Styling on Laughing Latte
IV. Date Night on Love Taza
V. What's In My Bag? on Whitelicious

five songs
I. Madness by Muse
III. We Gotta Get You a Woman by Todd Rundgren
IV. Just Keep Breathing by We The Kings
V. Sunset Blvd by Emblem3

five extras
I. Fudge covered Oreos are the bomb.
II. The weather has been so nice that I've been able to drive with the top down on my car all week. Spring is amazing.
III. My bright blue pants from UO that I bought last Summer found their way back into my wardrobe. I wore them twice this week so far.
IV. Prom dress shopping is exhausting. (Not for me, obviously. I helped a friend find a dress and she got the dress I picked out for her!)
V. The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction 2.
Just watch it.

Happy Monday everyone!
Have a great day.

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