Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What's wrong with our Girls?

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Unlike many other bloggers, I haven't done a Girls recap yet.
But after the other night's episode I feel the need to say something, anything, about how our girls are acting.
I guess this is more of a pre-finale rant more than an episode recap.
((I would have posted this yesterday, but I needed a day to let Sunday's episode sink in.
It was really, really dark.))

Let's start off with Hannah.
She has been pissing me off this season, from saying that Conservatives and Liberals can't date to creeping me out with her 'ear hygiene', she needs to be sat down and slapped back into reality.
I don't care if you just stuck a q-tip so far into your ear you "heard air", you should put pants on before leaving your apartment.
Maybe if you had pants on you wouldn't have run into Adam, and you, him, and his new girlfriend would be much saner.
Just get your act together. Be an adult. Accept your parent's help.

Now onto Marnie.
Let me start off by saying that I love Allison William's singing voice.
I didn't like Marnie's Kanye West act, but she is going downhill and just needs a hug.
Or a good f@#!ing from Charlie on his desk, apparently.
I really did not expect a singing storyline, especially from Marnie.
I don't really know how I feel about it.

I love Shoshanna and Ray together.
So, so, so much.
Maybe I'm weird, but I think they are just great for each other.
He calms her down, she motivates him.
I felt like crying last week when she 'held hands' with the doorman.
Come on Shosh.
You're better than that.
Also, Ray is 33?
I thought he was like, 28.
I guess I'm bad at guessing ages.

I miss Jessa.
Or maybe I just miss her British accent.
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and take a guess about what happens in next weeks episode...
Before the season started, the official Girls Instagram posted a photo of a pregnancy test Christmas ornament...
 photo 2395a7ca4ea711e2a31922000a1fbcdc_7_zpsc8d5b574.jpg
 And the caption was "Merry Christmas! We're "positive" it'll be a jolly one." Hmmmmm... Something tells me one of 'ems got a bun in the oven. Even though this spoiler is super old, no one talks about it. Which makes me think it will happen during the finale next week.

Well, we will find out next Sunday.
Girls is on at the same time as Family Guy, and Seth MacFarlane trumps everything in my book, so no one spoil me until I get to watch it on the app at 9:30! ;)
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