Sunday, March 17, 2013

Style Crush: Karen Gillan

 photo styleicontemplate_zps21eaa045.jpg
Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!
Today I'm introducing a new segment onto the blog.
Style Crush will be when I take a celebrity or fashion icon, study their style, and pass along my favorite outfits of theirs to you, with tips on how to get their look.
The first Style Crush is Karen Gillan, or Amy Pond from Doctor Who.
Karen has such a unique style, thrifty and trendy at the same time. Her ginger hair is always her best accessory, it is always flawlessly done. Some colors may not looks good on someone with her pale coloring but she knows exactly what looks good on her.
You can find my Pinterest board of inspiration on how to get Karen Gillan's style here.
 photo karengillanevents1_zpsa4d02275.jpg photo karengillanevents2_zpsa69e35d6.jpg photo karengillanevents3_zps3380d70f.jpg
 photo karengillanperosnalstyle1_zpsf69d7778.jpg photo karengillanpersonalstyle2_zps424f33cc.jpg photo karengillanpersonalstyle3_zps01a5fdad.jpg
 photo karengillanhairandmakeup1_zpscbe36da1.jpg photo karengillanhairandmakeup2_zps8c0e792e.jpg photo karengillanhairandmakeup3_zps2dda087f.jpg

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  1. great post! she has such awesome and inspirational style :) following you on bloglovin!

  2. What a cool girl! Great taste, very feminine.

  3. Gillan is soooo beautiful. I fell in love with Pond as soon as I met her, and the Scottish just cinched it for me.
    I did a post on Pond's style a long time ago, maybe you'd be interested:

    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x


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