Friday, March 29, 2013

Style Crush: Dianna Agron

 photo diannaagronstylecrushintro_zps7498c007.jpg
Happy Friday!
Today's post is a new Style Crush, and it is all about Dianna Agron.
Dianna Agron is on my favorite show, Glee (even though she has been on and off the show this season).
She has a very thrifty style with a lot of vintage dresses and ruffles and bows. Her style is very feminine with a quirky twist. Since Ms. Agron is my beauty inspiration, (I showed my stylist a photo of her short 'do when I chopped my hair off a month ago.) I included some extra hair & makeup looks. I honestly couldn't pick just three!
 photo diannaagronevents1_zps04d597aa.jpg photo diannaagronevents2_zpse0f90a92.jpg photo diannaagronevents3_zpsf78ce05a.jpg photo diannaagronpersonal1_zps89dd2db9.jpg photo diannaagronpersonal2_zpsa387f00c.jpg photo diannaagronpersonal3_zps700e7931.jpg photo diannaagronmakeup1_zpsd2501df0.jpg photo diannaagronmakeup2_zps45950825.jpg photo diannaagronmakeup3_zpse44c7b0c.jpg photo diannaagronmakeup4_zps65c1bd82.jpg photo diannaagronmakeup5_zps608a567a.jpg

Not only does she have crazy awesome style, but the girl can sing live.

Any ideas for the next Style Crush? Comment below with your idea!

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  1. I really like her personal style!

  2. Hi! I found your blog on IFB! I like your blog! I now follow you in bloglovin! Check out my blog! If you like it, follow me too)

  3. I agree she's absolutely adorable. I LOVE her personal style too!

    Even on Glee, her character is just so well dressed!

  4. She has a perfect style!! Such an inspiration!

  5. LOVE her! she is so pretty!!!!
    thanks for dropping by and say hi on IFB..i am your new follower via bloglovin'

    love your blog!so cuteee....

  6. Really nice. And great job on the article. Well done !

    Samira Orme ( Avenue27)

  7. Really nice. And great job on the article. Well done !

    Samira Orme ( Avenue27)

  8. Diana Agron is adorable! Her style is not the best though. But her hairstyle is! Some amazing up does can make up for nto that impressive dress choices xD

  9. Oh, I love Dianna Agron! Her personality is so sweet and she seems like the most adorable person ever. While I do feel like her outfits for me can be a hit or a miss (usually a hit, but some outfits I'm not a huge fan of) I do love her overall style. I especially like the outfits you picked here, however! You definitely picked her best looks. :) x


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