Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

 photo easter_animals_01_zps8a29a4d0.jpg
Easter hasn't always been the most joyous of holidays for me (but I'm not going to bring everyone down with a sob story). Instead, in the spirit of Easter, I'm going to show you some cute animals that were made even cuter with bunny ears. These sure brightened my day, and I hope they brighten yours too.
 photo bunny-ears-cute-dog-Favimcom-224182_zps7df69539.jpg photo 20130328-easter-dog-3_zps0bb46ab7.jpg photo easter-pugs-1_zps5d2ca61b.jpg photo easter_animals_12_zps31cb6dd3.jpg
 photo tumblr_m1m8ubkKls1qinbuoo1_500_zps91c9d75d.jpg photo easter_animals_03_zps4b05918d.jpg photo easter_animals_08_zpsefad6a69.jpg photo We-walked-in-to-get-some-dog-food-and-we-walked-out-with-some-sequined-bunny-ears-petco-toodlebrain_zpsee343149.jpg photo 13088970-happy-dog-wearing-bunny-ears-sits-beside-a-bag-ful-of-easter-egg-chocolates_zps0693a3a1.jpg photo easter_animals_02_zpsf2d47350.jpg photo easter_animals_10_zps7484c215.jpg
Have a great day everyone!

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