Sunday, March 10, 2013


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(from left - right)
1. My terrible packing skills. That Captain America lunchbox is holding nailpolishes. Super organized.
2. New haircut! Chop chop!
3. My mom's dog was glued to my side, she would not leave! What a little snuggle pug.
4. Spending the afternoon cleaning my Nana's house and looking out at the Long Island Sound.
5. The first chai frappe of the season! Spring has sprung!
6. I always wondered why Brian Griffin never wore teeny tiny little dress shoes with his tux. Such a pet peeve for me.
7. Ted at the Oscars!
8. Hubby at the Oscars.
9. Watching Friends With Benefits somewhere in Delaware, on my drive down to Virginia.
10. Buttercup wants to get into modeling. As her mother, I am wary.
11. Watching Perks at my friend's house. I brought donuts, the three of us ate them all in under a half hour.
12. The first picture I took of our dear baby Sophie!
13. The prettiest Shamrock Shake I have ever had. Look how perfect it is!
14. Our handsome Oscar host on the cover of Parade.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

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  1. me he encantado tu blog,ya te sigo!pasate por el mio en poder y me dices que te parece!!


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