Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fall Fashion Week '13: Spotlight on Alexander McQueen

I was very disappointed to hear back in January that my favorite design house, Alexander McQueen, would not have a runway show for the Fall 2013 season due to Sarah Burton's pregnancy with twins. Instead of a show, a small presentation was held the other day for the press and people of importance in the fashion industry. The collection, however, was anything but a disappointment. There were only ten looks, (Or five sets of matching outfits, if you're really nit picky.) Here are all of the looks, because there are only ten and I just adore all of them. Enjoy...
 photo _D7Q0042450x675_zpsa3c9f310.jpg photo _D7Q0064450x675_zpsd0a6ddad.jpg photo _D7Q0096450x675_zpsfcb0b7a1.jpg photo _D7Q0124450x675_zpsaa05ebe2.jpg photo _D7Q0156450x675_zpsffc75772.jpg photo _D7Q0183450x675_zps5ee4d113.jpg photo _D7Q0227450x675_zps495b1f18.jpg photo _D7Q0259450x675_zps7e40a744.jpg photo _D7Q0289450x675_zpsbd3edc33.jpg photo _D7Q0315450x675_zpsb0d68314.jpg
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  2. I love Alexande McQueen!! I was devastated when he passed away! Following you. Follow me back @


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