Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fall Fashion Week '13: Spotlight on Valentino

As I was scrolling through the photos from the Valentino show, all that was going through my mind was "Amish, Amish, Amish businesswoman, Amish party girl, Amish.", This is not a bad thing. I love Valentino's clean and proper look, they're one of the few fashion houses who know how to do it right. They're not trying too hard to cover the models up, they have high necklines but short hemlines. They know where the line of decency stands, and they go just close enough to be ultra fabulous. This collection is amazing, every detail is meticulous and perfect. The colors picked this season, from white to the gorgeous blues, each stand out in their own way. 
 photo VAL_2619450x675_zps9aea08b6.jpg photo _D7Q0012450x675_zpsfdfc23ce.jpg photo VAL_2667450x675_zpse94c45c9.jpg photo _D7Q0088450x675_zps32738750.jpg photo VAL_2733450x675_zps04aa757d.jpg photo _D7Q0202450x675_zpsde4e95e9.jpg photo VAL_2756450x675_zpsbf0caaa6.jpg photo _D7Q0245450x675_zps2069ede5.jpg photo _D7Q0209450x675_zps11531931.jpg photo VAL_2827450x675_zps489f55c7.jpg photo _D7Q0416450x675_zpsadc204ee.jpg photo VAL_3032450x675_zpsacbcdafa.jpg photo _D7Q0761450x675_zpsac81d8cb.jpg photo VAL_3046450x675_zps56d1f87b.jpg photo _D7Q0794450x675_zps50356725.jpg photo VAL_3073450x675_zpsc20cc72d.jpg photo _D7Q0837450x675_zpsb3248df6.jpg photo _D7Q0832450x675_zps4b521098.jpg photo VAL_3146450x675_zpsa8b4686c.jpg photo _D7Q0925450x675_zps2c2711ee.jpg photo _D7Q0937450x675_zps23ec890c.jpg photo VAL_3211450x675_zps9a17c0bc.jpg photo _D7Q1032450x675_zpsdc725c78.jpg photo VAL_3248450x675_zps7345b725.jpg photo _D7Q1096450x675_zpsafcd8319.jpg photo VAL_3342450x675_zpsf0852bc0.jpg photo _D7Q1276450x675_zpsc502d9b5.jpg photo VAL_3379450x675_zps0c0f3231.jpg photo _D7Q1352450x675_zps36db65a0.jpg photo VAL_3473450x675_zps585a1807.jpg photo _D7Q1539450x675_zpsb5b9e34f.jpg
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  1. All these outfits are soo gorgeous!

  2. Hi! The dresses are so pretty. Would love to have one on special occasions. :) Followed your blog via GFC.

  3. I love this whole line.... I'm especially liking the short dresses with the white socks.
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