Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fall Fashion Week '13: Spotlight on Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs, you never let me down. Though the models may have looked like they spent the night partying a tad too hard the night before, the clothes they were wearing on the runway were spectacular. Little slips under fabulous winter coats, bringing me thoughts of cold, Parisian nights, going out dancing in your nightie and pretending it's some chic, vintage dress that your Grandmother owned. Going home with some random man with a creepy mustache and sneaking out before he wakes up, covering yourself up with your coat.
Because I've totally done that before.
(I have the worst sense of humor, I know.)
 photo VUI_4672450x675_zpsf10c207d.jpg photo VUI_4376450x675_zpsccaddaee.jpg photo _D7Q0101450x675_zps7410a266.jpg photo VUI_4558450x675_zps953e21cb.jpg photo VUI_4569450x675_zps71b51d14.jpg photo VUI_4531450x675_zps64407d8b.jpg photo _D7Q0085450x675_zps1db45c32.jpg photo VUI_4587450x675_zpsdc5bdb29.jpg photo VUI_4613450x675_zpsaa1b1f78.jpg photo VUI_4445450x675_zps4e6c8933.jpg photo _D7Q0015450x675_zpsf5f78609.jpg photo VUI_4672450x675_zpsf10c207d.jpg photo VUI_4925450x675_zps3d8b6124.jpg photo VUI_4940450x675_zpsba2f96aa.jpg photo VUI_4987450x675_zps79a0f472.jpg photo VUI_4996450x675_zps9725bf95.jpg photo VUI_5008450x675_zpsbf609d6f.jpg photo VUI_5026450x675_zps7d75cb36.jpg
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