Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fall Fashion Spotlight '13: Spotlight on Chanel

How does one critique the most respected man in fashion?
One doesn't, because the most respected man in fashion never makes mistakes.
I'm looking at you, Karl.
I could not be more in love with this collection. Tweed jackets (the number one Chanel staple), leather skirts, and over-the-knee boots, all done fabulously in the Chanel style.
Each detail is perfect, down to the last stitch.
(Get ready for this super-post, the Chanel show had eighty amazing looks and it was hard to edit down...)
 photo 1_zpsd7ae6d07.jpg photo 2_zps5427aed0.jpg photo 3_zps0d4c5355.jpg photo 4_zpsd3ed677b.jpg photo 20_zps0c696700.jpg photo 5_zpsbb0f92ef.jpg photo 6_zps7cd8f0cd.jpg photo 7_zpsa4949f86.jpg photo 8_zps207dbf44.jpg photo 9_zpscee08d03.jpg photo 10_zpsecfe2f71.jpg photo 11_zps6798c43f.jpg photo 12_zps779c9022.jpg photo 13_zps34ffd31f.jpg photo 30_zps55d82efe.jpg photo 14_zpsbf2d9307.jpg photo 15_zps4e5425de.jpg photo 16_zps5c22c2e1.jpg photo 17_zps2877a8c7.jpg photo 18_zpsc9f6c138.jpg photo 19_zps78f9faab.jpg photo 21_zpsd3bf04e3.jpg photo 23_zps2302c411.jpg photo 24_zpsb3ae611d.jpg photo 25_zps32445a3d.jpg photo 26_zpsa58a658a.jpg photo 22_zps2a108d17.jpg photo 27_zps8ed24f45.jpg photo 28_zps68bf37e5.jpg photo 29_zps8266b4a1.jpg photo 31_zps920fbfb3.jpg
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