Sunday, February 10, 2013

finding nemo

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yeah yeah yeah I know it's a really dumb and cliche title.
So as everyone should know it snowed like crazy all Friday.
I really really wish I was back in New York
But noooooo we had to come back up to Rhode Island on Thursday.
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The snow was kinda fun Friday afternoon, I stocked up on food at the supermarket and made some chicken and then chicken soup in the good ol' crock pot. I also doodled on my new chalkboard for a bit. Then the lights started dimming A LOT and we had a few mini-blackouts, but around eleven o'clock Friday night the power went out for good and didn't turn on again until about one or two o'clock Saturday afternoon.
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My parent's wanted us to all be together (those silly worry warts) so I dragged the mattress from my bed into their room (not easy. not at all) and I had a mini campout on their floor. It was fun, I watched Ted on my iPad and ate some of the soup I made earlier (seriously thank God for that crock pot, the food was warm until the power came back on.)
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When the power came back on I was sent on a mission by my mom to cook pretty much anything in the house incase the power went out again, which it didn't thankfully. So I baked my little heart out, making dozens of cupcakes and a bunch of pasta. And more chicken soup. Really, that crock pot, man, everyone needs one. Our normally quiet street was the busiest I'd ever seen it. Everyone was out shoveling and plowing the street. Our house here is in a gated community type of thing, (but we don't have a gate. Maybe we should get one. Hmmm) so thankfully the board or whomever hires people to plow the streets, driveways, walkways, ect. for us. Plus a lot of oldies live here so they can't really do it on their own...
Oh yeah I fell on my butt when I went to go walk the dogs. The plowing men laughed at me. Thanks guys.
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I hope everyone who was in the snow-zone is safe. The snow at our kitchen door is all the way to the top of the door, thankfully our front door and walkway was cleared for us.

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