Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fall Fashion Week '13: Spotlight on Christian Siriano

Oh Christian. My dear, dear Christian. This collection is absolutely breathtaking. Just stunning. I want each and every piece in my closet this instant. They are all just so, so brilliant. I have a good feeling we will be seeing plenty of these on the red carpet in the upcoming months.

 photo LV7A7523450x675_zpsc87e5595.jpg  photo LV7A7548450x675_zps0d137032.jpg photo LV7A7560450x675_zps001f2175.jpg  photo LV7A7210450x675_zps9aa21c46.jpg photo LV7A7229450x675_zps8cf64425.jpg  photo LV7A7240450x675_zps324209f2.jpg photo LV7A7258450x675_zps1353c699.jpg  photo LV7A7460450x675_zpsb5120ec8.jpg photo LV7A7108450x675_zpsa994b6e3.jpg  photo LV7A7440450x675_zps6404a6c2.jpg photo LV7A7487450x675_zpsd4c6eda2.jpg  photo LV7A7013450x675_zps5a79696a.jpg photo LV7A7596450x675_zps8bab2d5e.jpg  photo LV7A7502450x675_zps130320e9.jpg photo LV7A7185450x675_zps8f464a69.jpg  photo LV7A7309450x675_zps2176d118.jpg
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  1. all these outfits are soo gorgeous, love them

  2. OMG THIS POST IS BEAUTIFUL, love every single piece of these collection
    great job


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