Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fall Fashion Week '13: Spotlight on Erin Fetherston

Erin Fetherston's delicate designs this season are a vision. The colors are warm, they remind me of being wrapped up in a warm blanket. I also adore the floral wreaths on the model's head. What a collection.

 photo erinfetherston_001_1366450x675_zpsd272cf12.jpg  photo erinfetherston_002_1366450x675_zpsf732d710.jpg photo erinfetherston_006_1366450x675_zps574eef84.jpg  photo erinfetherston_007_1366450x675_zps74592e40.jpg photo erinfetherston_010_1366450x675_zps1110bc4f.jpg  photo erinfetherston_011_1366450x675_zps02413da5.jpg photo erinfetherston_015_1366450x675_zps9e94a2ce.jpg  photo erinfetherston_012_1366450x675_zpsaf500b20.jpg photo erinfetherston_017_1366450x675_zps193edf03.jpg  photo erinfetherston_020_1366450x675_zps566ce305.jpg photo erinfetherston_022_1366450x675_zpsc9525124.jpg  photo erinfetherston_023_1366450x675_zpsaaeb67cb.jpg photo erinfetherston_024_1366450x675_zps19ba36c8.jpg  photo erinfetherston_028_1366450x675_zpsfbf43f27.jpg
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