Saturday, February 23, 2013

drive by

A week ago, my parents and I drove down to Virginia to pick up our new dog, sweet little Sophie (See about her here and here). We stayed at my Aunt's in Northern Virginia overnight, then drove down to Southern Virginia the next morning to pick Sophie up.
The drive down south was the most beautiful drive I have ever taken in my life.
And I have taken a lot of beach-side drives.
The sky was blue, the clouds were like puffy little marshmallows, and the air was so crisp and clean.
Just take a look.
 photo drive1_zps93d571a6.jpg photo drive2_zps64beee1b.jpg
I felt like I was in Twilight, with the misty mountains and the pickup truck in front of me...
 photo drive3_zps372ae778.jpg
 photo drive4_zps096dfb24.jpg
Pick yo own.
 photo drive5_zps21d56d43.jpg
Look! Literall purple mountains!
 photo drive6_zpsfb48264d.jpg
More purple mountains. And snow. In Virginia. Okay.
 photo drive7_zpsce247dad.jpg
Moo cows!

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