Friday, February 22, 2013

Trend Report: circle circle dot dot now you've got your cootie shot

Taking a break from all of the Fashion Week Spotlight posts, I decided to dust off the good old Trend Report and bring it back to life.
This one's all about polka dots.
You know, that pattern you were obsessed with in third grade?
And again in sixth?
And maybe just maybe it had a comeback in your wardrobe junior year because you were trying to be original and kitschy.
Yeah, that.
Here's a little inspiration on the modern-day polka dot.

Polka dots 1
A little more mature than the other outfits, this one is a great way to incorporate polka dots into a work outfit. It is almost impossible to put polkadots in an outfit and have it be serious.

Polka Dots 2
This outfit is a bit more subtle way to put polka dots in an outfit. It's also more causal. I'm loving the neutrals and pastels, it's great for Spring.

Polka Dots 3
For the more outgoing polka dotter.

Which of these examples is your favorite? How would you wear the polka dot trend? Tell me below!

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