Tuesday, February 5, 2013

breaking all da rules

Today I went on once again another beach adventure.
I think these are getting a tad out of control.
Thankfully I'll be back in NY tomorrow and can take normal pictures instead of all beach ones.
It snowed again too.
I feel like my blog lately is nothing but beach, dogs, snow, beach, dogs, snow, beach, dogs, snow.
Well, have some dogs. And snow.
 photo buttercup1_zpsb400e836.jpg
 photo buttercup2_zpsebf778b4.jpg
Now, have some beach.
 photo road1_zps805c5e0d.jpg
 photo road2_zpsefc7b041.jpg
 photo rocks_zpsa0b2d856.jpg
Then I did a little trespassing
You'd think it would be on that broken road (That's why the road in that picture has that sign, it's still not fixed from Sandy. Such a shame.)
There was this...
There was this thing... On a vacant lot that was planning to build a house, I'm assuming it was to show potential buyers the view of the ocean.
I'm pretty sure it wasn't completely illicit...
But I sure did feel like a bad ass doing it.
 photo stairs_zps3c596190.jpg
The view was alright, the only thing blocking the beach was this tiny yellow cottage.
 photo tinyhouse_zps40b9c7c9.jpg
Mama Whit and I also headed by Alex and Ani today and I got a new bracelet. Thanks Mommy. <3
We passed...
 photo uglyhouse_zpsaffeb9df.jpg
(Or New England. Either or.)
Not to be a sore sport but every time I pass this house I cringe just a bit.

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