Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Pup for Paige (kinda)

The Whitneys are getting a new pup!
(Well, my Dad is getting a new pup, but in this house when one of us get's a new dog, we ALL get a new dog. We're a supporting family.)
This is her

Her name is Sophie, but since Sophie is a family name for us (my Grandmother and cousin are both Sophie's, and there were many variations of Sophie in past generations.), so we're going to rename her. I'm thinking Sasha, since it sounds like one of the ol' Sophie variations from my family.

Fun Fact: Sasha was one of the contenders for my name, but Paige was picked instead.

We are rescuing her from Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue, I highly suggest you check out their site if you're looking for a dog. We got all of our (now THREE! Woah!) dogs from there and they are amazing.
And if you want a dog in general, please do not buy a dog, rescue. There are so many great animals that deserve a good home waiting to be adopted from a rescue.

Welcome to the family, Sophie or Sasha or whatever we name you. I'm sure you will be a great dog for my Dad. :)

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