Monday, January 21, 2013

It's snowing, but this is Rhode Island so what else is new?

Today Mother and I were supposed to go see my favorites, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, in Silver Linings Playbook but instead she slept and I cleaned. Sometimes I love cleaning but other times I want to throw away my broom and sleep in an unmade bed forever, you know? Today was the former.

When we finally did leave the house it had started to snow. The place we went to dinner is located ocean-side so we got to witness one of my favorite things, a good ol' Rhode Island beach-snow-fest. There was even a woman running on the beach in shorts while it snowed. Craaaaazy. My Mom and I fully had plans to head to a later showing of the movie but the snow made us so sleepy that instead we went home and I made hot chocolate. On the stove. With cooking coco, chocolate chips, and milk. Because it was too snowy for me to drive to the store to get coco mix and we didn't have any in the house. SO. That happened. I also cleaned up the rest of the Christmas decorations. Christmas is officially over in the Whitney house, unfortunately. We still have the tree up though, my Dad and I need to bring it to the Christmas tree cemetery (aka the dump) because we missed our block's tree pick-up date. They expected us to have our tree's down by New Year, nutty people.

I hope everyone had a smooth Monday
And for those in the US I hope you all had a fun day off!

yes, I'm back to blogging, in case you haven't noticed by now. I had a short hiatus and I think it was really good for me. Expect more blog posts from me soon. I also ordered a new batters for my DSLR, the old one died a few weeks ago and I have been too preoccupied with the holidays to order a new one. Yay for more photos on the blog!

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