Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"I wish it would snow so that I can stop feeling bad about it not snowing."

It's a nor'easter! When I looked out my window this afternoon I saw... Snow! Nothing makes me happier than a snowy day. I decided to bundle up and take the dogs out for a little play time. Buttercup has been with us for four years now and has had four winters to get used to the snow, but Angel has lived in the south for the past six years of her life, so today was her first snow experience!

This is my crazy excited snow face

Angel was less than thrilled with the snow. "Dull."


So, there you have it guys. The doggies and I had fun in the snow. Angel shivered the whole time even though she was wearing a little doggie fleece, that drama queen.

ps I've been working on a super fun fashion post for tomorrow, get excited!!! :)

Thanks for being awesome readers,

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  1. cute dogs! I love how one of the dogs is not having the photo op at all.


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