Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trend Report: Fall Colors

One of my favorite things to do on my old blog was Trend Reports. I would take a trend that I felt was becoming popular, or already popular, and would make a few outfits with my spin on the trend.

So the first Trend Report for this new blog will be Fall colors! I love Autumn for the beautiful colors in nature and in fashion. Burnt orange is my favorite fall color, so it's the main color in these three outfits. I love burnt orange, it's such a mature and demure color.

Fall Colors 1

Fall Colors 1 by paigewhitney featuring a double breasted coat
I love this outfit because it's something that I could easily wear to class on a cold or even rainy day. The coat looks super cozy and it's color is so warm.

Fall Colors 2

Fall Colors 2 by paigewhitney featuring brown knee high boots
My favorite Fall accessory are boots. Combat boots, riding boots, ankle boots, any kind of boots I lovelovelove. I also adore blazers for year-round wear and this one is a great shade of brown. A structured bag is also a great fall accessory.

Fall Colors 3

Fall Colors 3 by paigewhitney featuring proenza schouler bag
This outfit is so mature and the cape is such a cute alternative to a heavy jacket while the weather is still a tad warm.

So there it is, the first Trend Report for the new blog!
I hope anyone who's reading this is enjoying the fresh start so far. If you live on the East Coast like I do, I hope you are safe from the hurricane.
Everyone enjoy your day.


  1. Are all those handbags Proenza Schouler? Love them :)


  2. Thanks for the comment!
    The second bag isn't Proenza Schouler, but isn't it cute? I love PS bags. :)

  3. Dear, your picks are amazing!
    Thanks for your PM on IFB!
    Sure we can follow eachother.
    Is gfc and blogloving ok? Get back to me


  4. You definitely nailed the fall trend look! I love the combat boots. I would like to share this blog with my military community here as a guide of "how to" for fall.

  5. So cute! Love your blog, thanks for sending it to me. Would love you to check mine out over at:



  6. Awesome fall trend report, you hit it right on the spot. Loving the brown leggings and boots for fall. Digging out my brown riding boots from my closet as we speak.

    Keep up the great reports, I'll be sure to read your blog.



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